Daily Bible Reading/Study

We firmly believe that we should read and study the Bible because it is God’s Word to us (2 Timothy 3:16). The Bible plays a central role in our church services, prayer meetings, house groups and Bible study groups and we seek to encourage each other to learn, love and apply it at every opportunity.

How and when, we can best do this will very much depend on our individual circumstances; it will require discipline at times  but this short video clip reminds us that wherever we are, whenever we can, we should open up the Bible:

Bible Reading Plans

Following a Bible Reading Plan is a great way to develop a growing awareness of what the whole Word of God is saying to us. It builds year-by-year and it’s amazing that we learn and notice new things as we read passages that we are becoming increasingly familiar with, again and again! We will come to Bible Study below, but the best approach to a Bible Reading Plan, is to select your time and place, pray and simply read the passages allocated letting the Word of God speak for itself and then pray & reflect on it. There is a further advantage in having a church or family Bible Reading Plan because as we share the same passage each day, God can speak to us as a body of people. At Trinity we have followed different Bible Reading Plans 
over the last few years and have found the variation helpful, with different plans suiting different people and their varied circumstances or familiarity with the Bible.


Our 2019 Bible Reading Plan

This year we are following a new Bible Reading plan from Ligonier. The year is broken down into 52 weekly portions and each weekly portion is then divided into 7 daily sections. These daily sections cover readings from different portions of the Bible by their ‘type’ of writing, so: on a Sunday we read from the ‘Epistles’, Monday from ‘The Law’, Tuesday from ‘History’, Wednesday from ‘The Psalms’, Thursday from ‘Poetry’, Friday from ‘Prophecy’ and Saturday from ‘The Gospels & Acts’.
Please click the links below to download our 2019 Bible Reading Plan as PDF documents:


Bible Study

As well as reading our Bibles, we need to study them also. The methods available today are many and varied:

Some people like to follow set notes and we recommend those produced by The Good Book Company:


For those comfortable with technology we recommend the following two teachers, both have a very sound approach to the handling of the biblical text and are gifted in its presentation. An example of a daily reading for each is given below – For more info follow the links: