Who we are

At Trinity Church Liphook we want to be a loving, outward looking, church family which welcomes all sorts of people, so whoever you are, wherever you come from, whether you think of yourself as a Christian or not, you are all very welcome!

As a church we seek to Know Christ and make Him known. And we aim to do this as we,

KNOW God through his word, the Bible, which speaks of the good news of Jesus Christ and how coming to know him gives us life and hope,

GROW in our faith as we listen to God speak in his word and as we seek to learn what it means, for us both individually and together as a church family, to love God with all of our being and to love our neighbours as ourselves, and

GO out with the good news of Jesus to our communities and to the world. The good news of Jesus Christ isn’t to be a kept a secret or to be kept to ourselves. We are commanded to take this good news out to the world and we want as many people as possible to hear about Jesus and his good news and see their lives changed because of him.